PROVIDING RESPITE FLIGHTS in various  aircraft, to those with:

Terminal Illness
Mental Health Illnesses
Ex-Services Personnel (wounded and PTSD)
Their Carers
The Bereaved


Some years ago, being diagnosed as Insulin Dependant Diabetic meant that my Airline Pilot career training was finished.

It was a real shame that those with Disabilities, both physical and hidden like mine weren’t able to hold the privilege of being able to dream of experiencing flight in a small aircraft, ‘let alone have the responsibility of taking control of one when safe to do so.Now, thanks to FLY Disability FREE, the relevant sponsorship, and donations from the public, that is no longer just a dream.For those of any age with physical or Hidden Disabilities, terminal illness, PTSD, wounded ex-Services personnel, FLY Disability FREE have made it possible to experience the pleasure, feeling and emotions of flight and, for a moment, Disability could disappear..